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West Side Story Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

One Dead, One Wounded

  • Wild with grief, Tony runs into the streets, calling for Chino to kill him.
  • Maria arrives, showing Tony that she's not dead. He runs to her, just in time for Chino to gun him down.
  • Tony falls before they can reach each other.
  • They sing a refrain of "Somewhere" softly together one last time
  • Tony dies in Maria's arms as stunned Sharks and Jets look on.
  • Maria, enraged and filled with grief, grabs Chino's gun and proceeds to expound upon the dripping hate in the world. She threatens to kill herself.
  • The police arrive.
  • A mixed group of Jet and Sharks lifts Tony up and gently carry his body as Chino is taken away by the police.
  • Maria exits the scene alone.

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