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West Side Story Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

A Jet All the Way

  • After Krupke leaves, Riff leads the pack of Jets in a round of planning about how to be prepared for the upcoming confrontation with the Sharks.
  • They discuss weapons and locations (at the dance at the gym), which leads to our first number extolling the joys of being a Jet, managing to rhyme "Puerto Rican" with "chicken."
  • Everyone in the gang has your back at all times, like making sure you're home when your grandma visits.
  • They're going to beat every last gang on the street. So look out.
  • Riff meets Tony behind Doc's store where Tony's working as a stock boy; he's left gang life behind.
  • Riff leaves after Tony reluctantly agrees to make an appearance at the dance. He's just doing it for Riff because they're pals: Womb to tomb, birth to earth.
  • But he won't fight.
  • Tony has a feeling that something special is waiting for him just "out of reach, down the block, on a beach," so he decides to sing about it.

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