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West Side Story Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Again with the Hassling

  • The Jets sit outside Doc's store, waiting for their war council to begin.
  • Officer Krupke shows up to deliver some petty authority.
  • After his departure, the Jets let off a bit of steam with the "Officer Krupke" number and a beautiful display of anti-establishment thinking, a dead-on parody of typical social-work thinking about juvenile delinquency.
  • Doc's store opens, and the Jets and the Sharks gather to discuss their war.
  • Doc tries feebly to dissuade the boys.
  • The discussion continues until an exasperated Tony arrives and admonishes everybody about not using weapons.
  • Tony gets them to agree to a fair fight: one fighter on either side, fists only.
  • Lt. Schrank appears and tells the Puerto Ricans to scram.
  • He then tries to get the Jets to spill the details about their plans, but the Jets, they do not snitch.
  • The Jets leave and Tony tells Doc about Maria.
  • Doc's frightened for him, but he can't discourage Tony.
  • Tony heads home.

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