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When Harry Met Sally Genre

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Romantic Comedy

Two hilarious people fall in love.

We're done here, folks.

Just Kidding

While this is a no-brainer—When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy through and through—there's still a great deal to discuss. After all, it's not just a romantic comedy. It's pretty much the romantic comedy—for the last quarter-century, at least.

When Harry Met Sally's influence is undeniable. It's spawned a million parodies, a thousand shout-outs, and launched a conversation about men and women that never seems to die.

While the movie has undoubtedly shaped all the romantic comedies that have been produced in its shadow, there's no denying that When Harry Met Sally also owes a big fat debt to all the old-school rom coms that came before it. You can't revolutionize a genre, after all, without first walking in its footsteps.

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