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When Harry Met Sally What's Up With the Title?

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What's Up With the Title?

When Harry Met Sally...

You've heard the title a billion times, but have you ever really considered it?

Like, the moment Harry met Sally happened over a decade ago and didn't go so well, so what gives? And what's with the ellipses on the end? And why isn't it When Sally Met Harry?

Well we can't answer all those questions, but we can tell you that When Harry Met Sally wasn't always the movie's title. As Ephron worked on the script, she kicked around a whole bunch of titles, including "Boy Meets Girl," "Harry, This is Sally," and "How They Met."

Rumor has it that Rob Reiner started a friendly competition on set: whoever came up with the best title got to take home a case of champagne. Of course, the winner remains a mystery.

About Those Ellipses

Sometimes, when words fail, you've just gotta go with the dot-dot-dot. 

When Harry Met Sally... well, he was kind of a big jerk, and Sally didn't like him very much, but he hit on her anyway, and then they parted ways, but they met again by chance five years later and still didn't seem to like each other much, and it was only five years after that that they became friends, which was really great until they slept together and then it went kinda south until Harry was all, wait, I'm in love with you and then they tied the knot and ate coconut cake and lived happily ever after.

Phew. Yeah, we think the ellipses were a good call. When Harry Met Sally...

...a bunch of stuff happened and then they fell in love.

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