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When Harry Met Sally Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

A classic rom com needs a soundtrack full of classics, and that's just what When Harry Met Sally has. Rather than a classical score, Reiner and his movie-making buddies opted to use old standards as the musical backdrop for the Harry-Sally romance.

At pivotal moments, we hear such classics as

The old standards pay homage to the romance movies of yore. The give When Harry Met Sally a timeless feel and remind us that while Harry and Sally may be very much a late-'80s pair, a love story is a love story, no matter the decade.

Not That Harry

While the movie makes use of the old-school versions of these classic songs, the official soundtrack is something a wee bit different. Off of the recommendation of a friend, Rob Reiner hired the relatively young crooner, Harry Connick Jr. (more recently of American Idol judge fame) to arrange and sing covers of the standards.

It was, as you might expect, insanely popular. The album won Connick Jr. his first Grammy and made it to number one on Billboard's Traditional Jazz Chart. Although, let's be honest: those guys have a chart for everything.

Theme Song Alert

Sometimes, when we listen to "It Had to Be You" while jauntily snapping our fingers and humming along, we marvel at the fact that this song was written 65 years before When Harry Met Sally came out. The song is eerily apt for their story:

For nobody else gave me a thrill,
With all your faults I love you still.
It had to be you, wonderful you,
It had to be you.

When it comes to Harry, it had to be Sally, faults and all. And when it comes to Sally, it had to be Harry, foibles and all. The song's sense of inevitability matches the inevitability of the eventual match-up of Harry and Sally. The moment these two hop in the car together, you just know they're gonna be together… eventually.

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