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When Harry Met Sally Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Harry and Sally are at lunch, chatting up a storm.
  • Sally tells the story of the big break up. She and Joe used to be happy together because they thought they had it made—they weren't married, had no kids, and could do, well, whatever they wanted. Including sex on the kitchen floor. Well, they could have, anyway. And everyone they knew who did get married definitely didn't have the time or inclination for sexytimes and romantic adventures.
  • But Sally realized that their life wasn't the big fantasy they thought it was. She wanted marriage. And kids. The whole shebang. Joe? Not so much.
  • And that, folks, was the end of that.
  • Sally swears she feels fine. She's totally over him.
  • Harry's super impressed at how healthy she sounds.
  • The two walk outside after lunch and exchange some banter. Harry confesses he didn't like her very much the first time they met.
  • Ditto, says Sally.
  • Harry apologizes for being a jerk all those years ago on their road trip, and Sally asks him to dinner—as friends, of course.
  • Looks like Harry's old adage about friendships with the opposite sex is being disproven…

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