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When Harry Met Sally Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • It's 1977 at the University of Chicago.
  • A couple—Billy Crystal and his on-screen girlfriend—exchanges I-love-yous and starts making out... rather vigorously.
  • A blonde in a Farrah Fawcett do—that would be Meg Ryan—pulls up in a car and ahems them to attention.
  • The brunette introduces the blonde—Sally—to her boyfriend, Harry.
  • Harry offers to take "the first shift," but Sally declines and tells him to pop his gear in the trunk. Looks like these two strangers are going on a road trip.
  • After a lovey-dovey goodbye, interrupted by a not-so-accidental honk from Sally, Harry hops in.
  • The two drive through the gates and head out on the road.

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