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When Harry Met Sally Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

  • A few hours after the disastrous Sharper Image encounter, Harry and Sally arrive at Jess and Marie's place, armed with a plant.
  • They're helping Jess and Marie move into their new apartment.
  • Jess shows them the coffee table he likes—it's a wagon wheel. With a glass top. It's straight-up hideous. But Jess won't back down.
  • As the two argue over furniture, Harry listens on, looking wistfully out the window.
  • He compares them to him and Helen. They started off like this, too. All fun and games and silly fits over coffee tables.
  • But down the line, it will all go to hell in a handbasket. Basically, he tells them that they're headed for a miserable divorce, just like him. He rushes outside.
  • We guess that run-in with Helen really threw him for a loop.
  • Sally marches outside to talk some sense into Harry. She tries to give him some advice, and he snaps at her.
  • He doesn't understand how she never gets upset about Joe. He calls her out for not dating anyone else, and she doesn't see how that would prove she's over Joe.
  • She rants at him a bit, and when she's done, Harry apologizes and the two hug.
  • Out comes Jess with the wagon wheel coffee table. "Don't say a word."

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