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When Harry Met Sally Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • The gang's at a party, playing pictionary.
  • Sally furiously draws a baby and the party guests guess literally anything that could have to do with a baby, including a very emphatic "BABY FISH MOUTH!" from Jess.
  • Best. Guess. Ever.
  • Sally's date tells her it made perfect sense to him, and the two share a smooch while Harry looks on, perhaps a little jealous.
  • As Sally heads to the kitchen to help Marie with the coffee, she sees Harry smooch his date, too. Do we detect some jealousy on her part as well?
  • Marie and Sally chat in the kitchen, while Harry and Jess chat in the den.
  • Sally thinks Harry's date is too young for him. Harry thinks Sally's date is too tall.
  • Oh, when will these two crazy kids figure it out?

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