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When Harry Met Sally Scene 29

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Scene 29

Scene 29

  • A few montagey scenes—of Harry and Jess talking and Sally and Marie chatting—tell us that some time has passed.
  • And that means it's time for Jess and Marie's wedding.
  • During the ceremony, there's clearly some tension between Harry and Sally, what with all the awkward eye contact they're making.
  • And then comes the reception. It's ten kinds of terrible. Here's what goes down:
  • Harry walks up to Sally and tries to make small talk. Sally's not having it. She doesn't want to talk.
  • Harry wants to know why they can't get past it. It's been three weeks. Which, according to Sally, is not very long.
  • Sally's frustrated because she thinks Harry is acting like it didn't mean anything. But Harry thinks she's making it mean too much. What's the big deal? They both agreed it was a mistake, right?
  • That's when it all goes south. He says he didn't go over there intending to make love to her, but when she looked up at him with her sad, teary eyes and he just… couldn't help himself. Or something.
  • Ah, so it was pity sex?
  • Yeah, we see Sally's slap coming a mile away, don't we?

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