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When Harry Met Sally Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Sally says she's got it figured out. "It" being their road trip schedule. We're getting the sense she's a bit of a control freak.
  • She's telling Harry about her plan when he starts rummaging around the backseat and pulls out a bunch of grapes.
  • He's not exactly a neat eater, and Sally seems a little disgusted.
  • They've got 18 hours to kill before they hit New York, so Harry wants to hear the story of Sally's life.
  • He finds out that she's headed to New York so she can go to journalism school and become a reporter and have stuff, you know, happen to her.
  • Harry doesn't seem to think this is the best idea. He wonders what it would be like if nothing ever happened to Sally and she dies alone in New York.
  • Um, depressing. That's what it would be like.
  • Harry has a dark side, it seems. Sally claims she does, too, but we can tell that's probably not true.
  • Basically she's a happy person—so sue her.
  • Harry's all, "do you ever think about death?" He does—for hours, days.
  • We're betting Sally doesn't think about death, well, ever. One thing she does think is that all this negativity is going to ruin his life.

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