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When Harry Met Sally Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Five years later, and we're at the airport.
  • Sally is making out with a handsome blonde man. Harry hustles by and recognizes… the man. His name's Joe.
  • Sally's relieved he didn't notice her. She gives Joe the skinny on their disastrous road trip. "It was the longest night of my life."
  • Thinking back, she remembers what he said about the fact that men and women can't be friends. She wants to know if Joe thinks the same.
  • As they part ways, Joe drops the L-bomb and she says it back. Looks like these two are serious.
  • Sally's still swooning from the I-love-you exchange as she sits on the plane. Harry's head pops up over the seat as he's trying to scope her out. He can't quite place her.
  • And then she orders her drink. It's exactly as persnickety as her diner order, and it all comes flooding back.
  • "University of Chicago," Harry says. He switches places with Sally's seat partner so the two can chat, much to Sally's annoyance.
  • Harry starts to ask about her life. He knows she and Joe have been together about a month, and tells her how he knows: because Joe is still willing to take her to the airport.
  • He wants to know if the two are going to get married. Sally demurs.
  • But he sees an opening and he tells her that he's getting married. Sally seems frankly amazed that he found someone willing to marry him: "It's just so optimistic of you, Harry."
  • She's happy he's embracing life, but Harry tells her the real reason he's getting hitched: he's tired of the dating life. He's really tired of doing the "white man's overbite."
  • The plane lands and the two run into each other on a moving walkway as they head out of the airport.
  • Harry invites her to dinner—just as friends, of course.
  • Sally calls him out: didn't he once say that men and women can't be friends?
  • Harry assures her that they can—if they're both involved in relationships.
  • No wait, that won't work either, he realizes. So where does that leave them?
  • Absolutely nowhere, folks.
  • Sally says her goodbyes and hustles down the walkway.

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