Jess and Harry. Sally and Marie. Harry and Sally. We've got some crazy awesome friend duos in When Harry Met Sally—so much so that we think we can make the case that this movie is just as much about friendship as it is about romance. And yes: there is some overlap between the two.

The enduring friendships between Jess and Harry and Sally and Marie serve as a backdrop for the development of the Harry-Sally friendship that forms the movie's core. Theirs is a unique bond based on a we-can-say-anything vibe and a healthy respect for each other's idiosyncrasies. While you could argue that, for much of the movie, the two effectively "friendzone" each other, you could also make the equally compelling argument that their friendship is the essential foundation on which their eventual romance is built. It all depends on your perspective.

Questions About Friendship

  1. Do you think there was every a moment when Harry and Sally were truly just friends, or did they secretly always harbor romantic feelings for each other? How can you tell?
  2. What is the narrative purpose of Harry's friendship with Jess and Sally's friendship with Marie? Are they just sounding boards for our protagonists? Foils? Or is there something more going on there?
  3. What is the difference between Harry and Sally's friendship and the same-sex friendships in the movie?

Chew on This

Harry and Sally were never friends. The moment he told her she was attractive, Harry doomed their relationship.

You can tell Harry and Sally were just genuine friends for a good, long while because they were supportive of each other's dating lives.

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