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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Dolores (Joanna Cassidy)

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Dolores (Joanna Cassidy)

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Dolores is Eddie's Girl Friday. She's got his back, listens to his problems, and helps him out of many a scrape.

But speaking of scrapes—and Fridays—she also knows that there's trouble in Dolores/Eddie paradise. Eddie's a drunk, and he's also broke as a joke:

DOLORES: Tomorrow's Friday Eddie. You know what happens here on Friday?

VALIANT: Fish Special?

DOLORES: No, My boss checks the books on Friday and if I don't have that money I gave you back in the till I'm gonna lose my job.

They're supposed to be in a relationship, but Eddie's business troubles—and booze-related problems—are putting a strain on it. Dolores wants to go on vacation, but Eddie's stuck living in the past. And as we see in this next exchange, Dolores has a sense of humor, and Eddie shoots it down:

DOLORES: So tell me Eddie. Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

VALIANT: Cut the comedy, Dolores. I've had a very hard day.

But just as Jessica and Roger stand up for one another, Dolores always stands up for Eddie. She just has to put up with a lot more in order to do it. The name Dolores means "pain" in Spanish, which is highly appropriate for all the emotional turmoil Eddie puts her through.

Their past must be really good, because we see here that even when Eddie gives her an out, she stays with him:

VALIANT: Dolores, you oughta find yourself a good man.

DOLORES: But I already have a good man.

And she's right. Eddie shapes up by the end of the movie. She saw the good in him when even he couldn't see it himself (it's hard to see straight when you're up to your eyeballs in whiskey). We imagine they'll have a happy future together, and prove her name wrong.

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