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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Toon Patrol ()

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The Toon Patrol ()

Pop Go the Weasels

Burpy. Sappy. Goopy. Hungry. Deaffy. Woeful. Sleazy. These are all actual-factual real-deal rejected names for Disney's seven dwarves. (Source)

And we're surprised Robert Zemeckis didn't use these names for the five weasels of the Toon Patrol. Instead they're named Psycho, Greasy, Wheezy, Stupid, and Smart Ass. (You'd never see those names in an official Disney cartoon.)

The Toon Patrol is Doom's muscle, the weaseliest group of weasels who ever weaseled. They're bullies, but mostly so incompetent they're harmless. Most of them stay in the background. Greasy wears a sleazy looking leisure suit that's about two decades out of style, even though the movie takes place in the 1940s. Wheezy has a smoking problem. Stupid has a shirt that's too small and wears a beanie with a propeller. And Psycho laughs like a hyena and wears a straightjacket.

The one with the most personality is Smart Ass, although he's smart in name only. He has a habit of getting words wrong, like in this smarmy line:

SMART ASS: Search the place boys. And leave no stone interned. Look, Valiant. We got a reliable tip off that the rabbit was here. It was corrugated by several others.

And also this one:

SMART ASS: Shall I repose of him right now, boss?

We added the emphasis for words that should be "unturned," "corroborated," and "dispose." There's a Smart Ass in every group—the guy who tries to make use of his Word-a-Day Calendar and always gets it wrong.

Eddie "kills" the Toon Patrol by making them literally die laughing with his comedy routine. (We put "kills" is in quotes because the only thing that can kill a Toon is Dip. Eddie turns the Weasels into little cartoon angels. Mostly harmless on Earth, but we imagine they must be causing a racket in Toon heaven.)

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