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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The weasels shoot the lock off Eddie's door and enter his office.
  • Eddie is at the sink, nonchalantly washing his laundry in the sink.
  • The weasels search the office, unaware the Eddie's "laundry" is actually Roger, being held underwater. We hope he's colorfast.
  • The weasels wreck the office and leave, making it safe for Roger to come up for air.
  • They need a safe place to hide, so Eddie smuggles Roger into Dolores' bar.
  • Dolores admits Roger and Eddie into a secret room, held over from prohibition.
  • Eddie uses a hacksaw to remove the cuffs, but Roger, being a Toon, simply slips his hand right out of them.
  • Eddie shows Roger the picture of Acme's will. He believes Maroon had a part in setting them both up. And maybe even killed Acme to get his own hands on Toontown.

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