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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • At Eddie's office, he emerges from the bathroom to find Jessica Rabbit waiting for him. It's every man's dream.
  • Jessica assures Eddie she had no part in the blackmail. "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."
  • She says Maroon forced her to pose for the patty cake pictures.
  • Of course, Dolores enters the room and sees Jessica with Eddie in his underwear.
  • Eddie chases Dolores into the street.
  • She tells Eddie that Cloverleaf Industries wants to own Toontown, and if Acme's will doesn't show up by midnight, they'll own it.
  • Eddie doesn't understand why that company wants Toontown. Are they getting into the cartoon train business?

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