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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • After a high-speed chase involving cops and weasels, Benny drops Roger and Eddie off at a movie theater where they take in a Goofy movie.
  • Roger's dismayed that Eddie doesn't find the cartoon funny. Why won't he laugh?
  • "A Toon killed my brother," Eddie tells Roger.
  • They were chasing a bank robber in Toontown, who dropped a piano on Teddy.
  • Eddie never figured out who did. But he remembers the red eyes and crazy, high-pitched laugh.
  • Dolores enters the movie theater and starts whispering to Eddie. Shh, Dolores: the newsreel's rolling.
  • She's helping Eddie hide from the weasels, so she packed up all his stuff.
  • Eddie tells Dolores to find a good man. "But I already have a good man."
  • Aww, how sweet. We have hearts in our eyes.
  • And Roger literally does, ogling at Eddie and Dolores as they share a smooch.
  • As they leave the theater, the newsreel announces a real estate deal between Cloverleaf and R.K. Maroon.
  • Ding ding! Eddie makes the connection between Maroon and Toontown.

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