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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Eddie races to the car and speeds after Jessica, who takes the tunnel to Toontown.
  • Eddie hesitates before pursuing her. First, he arms himself with a cartoon gun and some wisecracking cartoon bullets. You gotta fight Toons with Toons.
  • He takes a swig of liquid courage, but before the whiskey touches his lips, he decides to dump it out. Eddie Valiant will be a sober man from now on.
  • Eddie gets back in the car and drives through the Toontown tunnel.
  • Toontown looks totally psychedelic. It's full of singing birds and there are faces on everything: trees, bushes, and the sun.
  • High up in an apartment building, Eddie sees Jessica's unmistakable silhouette through a window.
  • He rides to the top floor in an elevator operated by Droopy Dog.
  • Eddie enters the room, and the Toon woman inside resembles a Troll doll wearing Jessica' dress. Quite the mistaken identity.
  • Eddie runs from the crazed woman, through a door that dumps him right out of the building. Don't look down, Eddie, and you won't fall.
  • He looks down.
  • On the way down, Eddie encounters Tweety Bird, Mickey Mouse, and Bugs Bunny, who hands Eddie a spare.
  • It's not a spare parachute. It's a spare tire, which only speeds his descent.
  • Thankfully, he's caught by the ugly Toon woman. Hitting the ground may have been a better fate.
  • Eddie tricks the crazed Toon into running headfirst at a wall and knocking herself out.

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