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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Eddie performs a little comedy routine for the weasels. It's goofy, slapstick, and has a lot of really bad rhymes.
  • The weasels love it.
  • They literally laugh themselves to death, their little cartoon spirits fluttering into the air.
  • As one weasel expires, he pulls the level on the dip cannon. It gushes dip at Roger and Jessica.
  • Eddie runs for the cannon to change its trajectory, but Doom swings in on a zip line, kicks Eddie to the ground, and sends the cannon back toward Jessica and Roger.
  • On the ground, Doom pulls out a sword to duel Eddie.
  • Eddie uses a giant cartoon magnet to disarm Doom, but his plan backfires.
  • The U-shape magnet wraps around Eddie's waist and attaches him to a barrel like Donkey Kong.
  • Doom boards a steamroller and attempts to squish Eddie flat.
  • At the last second, Eddie uses a cartoon hole to free himself from the magnet and dive out of the way of the steamroller.
  • He and Doom grapple, and Eddie blocks one of Doom's punches with a barrel of super strength glue.
  • Eddie dodges Doom's next jab, and Doom's gluey fist gets stuck to the steamroller.
  • It crushes him as he screams and twitches. Eww.
  • Instead of a gory mess, it leaves him flat as a pancake, like a live-action cartoon.
  • Surprise: Doom is really a Toon.
  • And not just any Toon: the Toon who killed Eddie's brother.

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