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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • The Dip truck rolls through the brick wall into Toontown, where it's destroyed by a passing cartoon train.
  • Eddie opens a water valve and washes all the Dip on the floor down the drain.
  • He lowers Roger and Jessica, and unties them.
  • The lieutenant arrives, and Eddie informs him that Doom was behind everything.
  • All the Toons rush in through the hole in the wall to rejoice. Play a game. See how many you can recognize.
  • Dolores notices the disappearing ink has reappeared on Eddie's shirt. He'll have to visit the laundromat after all.
  • Eddie remembers Roger's love letter.
  • It was written on a blank piece of paper…because the ink on the will had disappeared.
  • It's reappeared, which means they had the will all around.
  • The Toons officially own Toontown. There is much rejoicing.
  • Roger compliments Eddie on his song and dance, and asks him if his days as a sourpuss are over.
  • Maybe, says Eddie. And Roger shakes his hand, with a joke buzzer.
  • Eddie doesn't think that's very funny…or does he?
  • He looks angry, but he gives Roger a big liplock. His sense of humor is back after all.
  • The Toons sing and dance.
  • Porky Pig closes the film: Th-th-that's all folks!

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