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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Eddie sneaks a ride on the back of a trolley car and takes it to his office.
  • Across the street, it spears the trolley station is being taken over by a new company: Cloverleaf Industries.
  • There's also a bar in the station, and a bar is Eddie Valiant's favorite place to be.
  • Eddie hits the bar for a drink, where he learns one of the regulars was laid off by Cloverleaf.
  • The bartender, Dolores, tells Eddie he needs to pay his tab by Friday.
  • Eddie assures her he has a new job and he'll be able to pay back his liquid debts.
  • But first, he'd need to borrow her camera to take some snooping shots.
  • A drunk hassles Eddie for working for R.K. Maroon. He wonders who his client is. "Chilly Willy? Screwy Squirrel?"
  • Eddie smashes the guy's head on the bar. "I don't work for Toons."
  • Why does Eddie hate Chilly Willy so much? Fear of penguins?
  • No, Dolores tells the guy, "A Toon killed his brother. Dropped a piano on his head."

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