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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The next day, Eddie is awoken by Lt. Santino, who rags on Eddie for taking dirty pictures of Jessica and Acme.
  • But he's there for business purposes: Acme's dead. And Roger is the main suspect.
  • Eddie accompanies the lieutenant to the crime scene, where Acme had a safe dropped on his head. Ouch. Aren't safes supposed to be, well, safe?
  • Jessica arrives at the crime scene and delivers a vicious slap to Eddie's cheek.
  • "I hope you're proud of yourself. And those pictures you took."
  • When the coroners wheel out Acme's body, they trip over a crate of squeaking shoes.
  • A trinket rolls from under Acme's sheet.
  • When Eddie bends over to pick it up, he's accosted by a man in black, who accuses him of removing evidence from the crime scene.
  • The man is Judge Doom. With a name like that, you'd think he'd be more cheerful.
  • Lt. Santino assures Doom that Eddie was simply picking up the evidence, which is Acme's favorite hand buzzer.
  • Eddie returns it to Judge Doom, but not without giving him a delicious little shock first.
  • Doom says his men will find Roger and bring him to justice.
  • He means the term "men" loosely. A car full of cartoon weasels speeds in, ready to track Roger.
  • Judge Doom wants to bring Roger to justice, because he's a Toon who murdered a human.
  • He wants to make Toons "respect the law."
  • How does he intend to do that? He'll demonstrate. Cover your eyes. This is one of the most terrifying scenes in all of cinematic history.
  • Doom picks up one of the Toon squeaking shoes and drops it into a mixture of turpentine, acetone and benzyne. He calls it The Dip.
  • Doom dips the poor little shoe into The Dip and gleefully watches it dissolve.
  • Have fun with your nightmares after watching that one.

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