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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Greed

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It's a shocker when Judge Doom reveals himself to be a Toon. Not just any Toon, but the greediest Toon of all: Scrooge McDuck.

Okay, that really would be shocking.

Judge Doom, the villain of Who Frames Roger Rabbit, manages to out-greed Scrooge McDuck, and that crazy quacker swims in a vault of gold in his spare time. Doom represents the absolute worst parts of human nature, and he isn't even human.

Basically, Judge Doom's one of the greediest villains ever. He robs banks, commits murders, and is willing to eradicate an entire group of people just so he can profit off a freeway. It's fitting that he disguises himself as a human, because that kind of greed at the expense of others feels all too real.

Questions About Greed

  1. What personal sacrifices does Eddie make in order to make money?
  2. R.K. Maroon only wants to sell his studio, but what are the far-reaching consequences of his attempt to blackmail Acme?
  3. How does the greedy behavior of studio heads and Judge Doom mimic behavior in real-life Hollywood and Los Angeles?

Chew on This

Every bad thing that happens in this movie—Acme's murder, the plot to destroy Toontown, the framing of Roger—occurs because someone is greedy and wants money.

As good guys, Eddie and Roger are not greedy. It never crosses Eddie's mind to do anything with Acme's will that would help him turn a profit. He owns the most valuable document in L.A. and he never considers selling it.

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