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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Loyalty

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Dogs have a reputation as man's best friend, but we'd argue that cartoon rabbits are much more loyal animal companions. It's just harder to find animated bunbuns at your local shelter.

Roger is the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Eddie doesn't realize it at first, because Roger's loyalty's hidden underneath his cottontail and his zany demeanor. It can be a little hard to trust someone who makes a living dropping refrigerators on his own head. But once Roger proves himself by being willing to risk his own safety for his wife and for the future of Toontown—Eddie realizes he has a friend.

Questions About Loyalty

  1. What convinces Eddie to trust Roger? What convinces him to trust Jessica?
  2. Eddie used to be the go-to guy for Toons. What happened that caused him not to trust them? Was he right to turn his back on Toons?
  3. Why is Dolores loyal to Eddie? What will their relationship be like after the end of the movie?

Chew on This

Roger's a guy who will do almost anything for a joke, but he'll do absolutely anything for his best friend and his wife.

You expect someone to be loyal to their own kind, which is why Judge Doom is such a horrible villain. He is a Toon who betrays his own people.

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