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The Wizard of Oz Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

"We'd Like to Welcome You…"

  • The house gets unceremoniously dumped in Oz, straight on top of another Wicked Witch.
  • Arriving in sudden and glorious Technicolor, Dorothy is greeted by Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, who's here to scope out the scene.
  • By killing the Witch of the East, Dorothy has freed the Munchkins (the locals), who rush out to tell her how much they love her.
  • In an extended musical number, they welcome her to Munchkinland and assure her she'll be in their Hall of Fame.
  • The Witch of the West arrives, still bearing a suspicious resemblance to Miss Gulch and sending the Munchkins diving for cover.
  • The Witch has a yearning for her dead sister's ruby slippers, which were sticking out from under the house that landed on her.
  • But the slippers have magically been placed on Dorothy's feet.
  • Much wicked-witchy posturing ensues, before Glinda sends Witch 2.0 on her way by mentioning that other houses might start dropping at anytime. The Witch vanishes in a puff of smoke (leaving the actress with some nasty burns, as it turned out).
  • Dorothy needs to get out of town. Glinda suggests following the Yellow Brick Road to ask the wonderful Wizard of Oz for some help in getting back to Kansas.
  • Dorothy heads out of Munchkinland with another toe-tapping song to speed her on her way.
  • She's off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. If ever oh ever a wiz there was, the…never mind, you know it.

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