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The Wizard of Oz Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

The Merry Old Land of Oz

  • The guy at the front gate to the city gives them trouble, but lets them in after seeing Dorothy's slippers and hearing Dorothy drop Glinda's name.
  • Much singing and dancing ensues, basically telling us how awesome Oz is and how happy the people are (which might be self-evident, considering all the singing and dancing).
  • Once again, the Witch crashes the party: using menacing skywriting to put the heat on Dorothy.
  • The heat works well. The Wizard refuses to see Dorothy and her friends.
  • Dorothy starts to cry, convincing the Wizard's guard to let them in.
  • They think twice once they enter the presence of the Wizard: a giant floating head surrounded by blasts of flame.
  • They're scared enough to let him insult them before he orders them to bring the witch's broomstick in exchange for his help. The Lion responds by diving out the nearest window.

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