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The Wizard of Oz Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

Confronting the Wicked Witch

  • Cut to the haunted forest, where the Witch has conveniently pimped her crib with an army of flying monkeys.
  • They pounce on the gang and carry off Dorothy and Toto.
  • The Witch threatens Toto with a grisly death if Dorothy doesn't give up the slippers. Dorothy relents, but the slippers won't come off. Time for a death trap!
  • Luckily, Toto gets away and summons the cavalry… though the cavalry has to pause long enough to put the Scarecrow back together.
  • A magical hourglass marks the time Dorothy has to live. The Witch twists the knife in further by showing her images of Auntie Em in a magic crystal before mocking Dorothy's fate. Wicked witches are kind of awful that way.
  • The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion sneak into the castle by disguising themselves as guards, then cut off the death trap just in time to save Dorothy.
  • But the Witch continues to hold the cards. She sets her guards on them, prompting a brief but pointless effort to escape.
  • Being the generally awful person that she is, the Witch promises to kill them all one by one, leaving Dorothy for last.
  • First up: the Scarecrow, who she sets on fire.
  • Dorothy throws a bucket of water on the Scarecrow to put out the fire. The Witch gets a little splashback. No big deal right?
  • Um, wrong. Water's apparently lethal to wicked witches, causing her to melt like the lemon-drops Dorothy sang about earlier, and prompting the question "why would she keep a bucket of water just lying around like that?"
  • The guards, who didn't like the Witch any more than anyone else, proclaim Dorothy their savior and give her the broomstick as a reward.
  • The gang heads back to the Emerald City in triumph.

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