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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • We arrive of the bridge of the starship Enterprise, and the whole gang's here…except for Kirk (William Shatner), who's apparently been replaced by the chick from Cheers.
  • Said chick is Saavik, a Vulcan prodigy of Mr. Spock's, and she's got her eye on a cargo ship in distress: the Kobayshi Maru.
  • She takes the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone to save the ship, something that doesn't sit well with the local Klingon armada.
  • They blow the Enterprise out of the water, killing everyone onboard…
  • …surprise: just kidding.
  • It was all a simulation, designed to show young Starfleet cadets what it means to face a no-win scenario.
  • Admiral Kirk appears and tells Saavik that no-win scenarios happen sometimes, a fact she's not especially keen on.
  • Mr. Spock—who's in the midst of training a new crew for the Enterprise, gives Kirk a copy of A Tale of Two Cities for his birthday. This is one Vulcan with sterling literary taste.
  • Kirk heads home while Spock returns to the Enterprise to continue molding young minds.

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