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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Kirk, McCoy and Saavik beam over to Regula One, where they find a bunch of dead doctors…plus an alive Terrell and Chekov.
  • Chekov tells Kirk what happened, omitting the part that he and Terrell are basically Khan's obedient flying monkeys.
  • They discover the space station's transport, with coordinates set for the nearby dead planet Regula.
  • Kirk checks in with Spock on repairs to the Enterprise; Spock says that it will take two days to make repairs, but there's some wink-winking going on, so it may be a ruse.
  • They arrive in a cave deep underground, where they find Dr. Marcus, David and one other doctor (who conveniently forgot his red shirt), along with the Genesis Device.
  • Ambush time: Terrell and Chekov turn their phasers on the assemblage, blasting the redshirt doctor before signaling Khan nearby on the Reliant.
  • Khan orders Terrell and Chekov to kill Kirk.
  • They rebel; Terrell phasers himself rather than kill Kirk, and Chekov passes out while the space eel slides its way out of his ear.
  • Kirk blast the space eel into oblivion, then picks up the communicator for a few choice words with Khan.
  • Khan beams up the Genesis Device, leaving him and his crew free to wreak havoc on any inhabited planet that doesn't want to be wiped out to the last microbe.
  • He then leaves Kirk buried alive on Regula, prompting the most famous one-word shriek in movie history.

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