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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The Enterprise takes off, but Reliant spots it and moves in to finish it off.
  • Luckily, the nearby Mutara Nebula can even the score, rendering the Reliant's shields useless and sensors totally inoperable.
  • Kirk uses the time-honored "neener-neener boo-boo" tactic to convince Khan to chase them into the Nebula.
  • The final battle commences, with both sides taking damage.
  • The Enterprise has to take its main engines offline, because radiation and stuff.
  • Kirk and Spock discuss strategy; Spock suggests that Khan is fighting like they're ships at sea instead of ships in space.
  • Kirk orders the Enterprise to drop down, and then pops up behind the Reliant as it passes overhead.
  • The Reliant takes a full-bore phaser blast right in the shorts, rendering it inoperable and all of the crew but Khan apparently dead.
  • Khan, however, is what we like to call a sore loser. Rather than admit defeat, he activates the Genesis Device.

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