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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Life, Consciousness and Existence

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Life, Consciousness and Existence

Star Trek always kind of had its eye on the big picture: life, death, and the way we're all connected as we pass through it. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan touches on those grand ideas: our purpose in the universe, our link to its mysteries and the way we can hear its quiet wisdom if we just slow down and let it.

For all his adventures, Kirk really hasn't pondered those deeper mysteries. But Spock has, and in his death, he imparts that wisdom to his friend, allowing him to see what the universe is really all about and take some real comfort in it.

Questions About Life, Consciousness and Existence

  1. How are life and death intertwined in this movie?
  2. Why is Spock at peace with his decision to sacrifice himself? What does this say about his understanding of the universe?
  3. What does this film have to say about the spiritual implications of having children?
  4. How does the characters' reaction to profound loss define them as heroes or villains?

Chew on This

Life and death are parts of the same cycle in the film.

The young and the old are often intertwined as much as death and life here.

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