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Young Frankenstein Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn)

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Elizabeth (Madeline Kahn)

Bride of Young Frankenstein

Elizabeth is Frederick's fiancée, although she's about as interested in him as he is in being a Frankenstein at the beginning of the movie. As sexy as she seems to act, she mostly avoids any physical contact from him. She doesn't want to muss her hair, her lipstick, her nails, or her taffeta.

However, that all changes when the monster carries her away. As long as you don't let pesky things like consent bother you, Elizabeth undergoes a humorous role reversal when she becomes very frisky around the monster because of his enormous schwanstucker. Her feelings are best summed up by one word: "Woof." From then on, she's transformed into a crazy hormonal woman, waffling back and forth between hating the monster and loving him in a matter of seconds:

ELIZABETH [to MONSTER]: Oh, you men are all alike! Seven or eight quick ones and you're off with the boys to boast and brag! You better keep your mouth shut! Oh, I think I love him!

Since she was never that into Frederick from the beginning, it's not a shock to see her end up with the monster in domesticated bliss. He sits in bed reading Wall Street Journal and she gets streaks in her hair like the classic Bride of Frankenstein. We wonder how long this marriage is going to last…

Is it just us, or is the incomparable Madeline Kahn really the only actress who could have pulled off this role?

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