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Young Frankenstein The Villagers

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The Villagers

Have Fun Storming the Castle

The villagers who live in the shadow of creepy castle Frankenstein don't trust anyone who lives there, and for good reason. First, there are all the thunderstorms. And second, the residents of the castle have a history of bringing the dead back to life and wreaking havoc upon the town. Because of this fear of the unknown, the villagers want to form an angry mob and attack the castle as soon as Frederick moves in.

The villagers' mob mentality is tempered a bit by Inspector Kemp, a man with a wooden arm, who insists on visiting the castle and assessing the situation before grabbing the pitchforks.

KEMP: We had better confirm the fact that young Frankenstein is indeed following in his grandfather's footschtops.

Kemp, whose character is based on Inspector Krogh from Son of Frankenstein, cheats at darts but finds no menace up at castle Frankenstein. At least until the monster escapes, then it's time for a riot.

Not all the villagers are itching for an angry mob. There's little Helga's family who board up their cottage, ready to hunker down in case of monster attack. "When monster is loose, boards must be tight," is their motto, which someone should crochet on a pillow. Then there's the blind man, played by an uncredited Gene Hackman, who's happy to have a visitor on a lonely night. He greets the monster and invites him for dinner, saying;

PRIEST: I know what it means to be cold and hungry. Yes. And how much it means to have a little kindness from strangers."

They're not unreasonable though; they seem quite willing to listen to the monster's impassioned plea for Frederick's life and knock off for some sponge cake and wine with the inspector. So, all in all, not quite an angry mob; more like a scared and mildly miffed mob.

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