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Young Frankenstein Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Back at the castle, the doctor's depressed, not eating dinner.
  • Meanwhile down in the laboratory, the monster starts moving.
  • In the dining room, the doctor, Inga, and Igor hear the monster moaning and run down to the lab.
  • The monster is awake. "Alive! It's alive!" cries Frankenstein.
  • The doctor unhooks the monster from the table, and the monster sits up, growling.
  • The monster's able to stand and walk around the room, but when Igor lights a match for a cigarette, the monster freaks out and starts choking the doctor.
  • Apparently he's afraid of fire. He must have seen the Karloff version.
  • Inga injects the monster with a sedative and he falls over.
  • The doctor asks Igor what brain he took.
  • Igor admits it wasn't Hans Delbruck's brain. It belonged to "Abby someone. […] Abby normal."
  • The doctor is not happy. He strangles Igor, but a knock at the door interrupts him.
  • Before the doctor goes to greet with the visitor, he instructs Igor to strap the monster back to the table.
  • The doctor plays darts with Inspector Kemp and pretends to be normal in an effort to convince him he has no interest in carrying on his grandfather's work.

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