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Young Frankenstein Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • And old blind priest with his rosary beads prays for a companion.
  • Oh, hello, here's the monster right on time.
  • The priest walks over to he monster and starts talking to him.
  • He believes the monster is mute because all he can do is grunt. "An incredibly big mute."
  • Because the monster's so cold, the priest offers him hot soup.
  • The blind priest pours the hot soup right in the monster's lap.
  • He pours him some wine and manages to get that in the cup.
  • But first, a toast! When the priest goes to clink glasses, he breaks the monster's cup.
  • Now time for a cigar. But the monster is scared of fire, remember?
  • The blind priest convinces him that "fire is our friend." He lights the monster's cigar, and by cigar, we mean thumb.
  • That's the last straw; the monster freaks out and storms out the door… without opening it.
  • The poor lonely priest tries to get him to come back, yelling, "I was going to make espresso!"
  • In the streets, the monster hears the violin music and follows it.
  • It's the doctor playing to lure the monster back to the castle.
  • Igor drops a net on the monster and Inga administers the sedative.
  • They get him back to the lab safely.

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