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Young Frankenstein Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • The police put the monster in shackles in the town jail.
  • Frankenstein is upset, and Inga wants to, er, relieve his tension.
  • Frau Blucher enters the lab, but she can't find the doctor or Inga.
  • The platform lowers, with the doctor and Inga on it, covered only in a bedsheet.
  • Frau Blucher delivers a telegram; his fiancĂ©e will be arriving any second!
  • The doctor and Inga get dressed before Elizabeth's car arrives.
  • When Elizabeth meets Inga, she wants to know what she does.
  • Inga says that she was having an "intellectual discussion" with the doctor just as she was arriving.
  • Igor helps escort Elizabeth to her room.

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