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Young Frankenstein Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Back at the jail, an officer taunts the monster with a lit match.
  • The monster is able to strangle the cop and break free of his chains.
  • Inspector Kemp decides it's high time for a riot.
  • The townspeople with their torches and assorted garden tools storm the castle.
  • Back at the castle, Elizabeth is brushing her hair and singing, "Glory Glory Hallelujah" the official song of hair brushing, when the monster comes into her bedroom. She screams and faints, of course.
  • He carries her unconscious body through the mists as the townspeople approach the castle.
  • Elizabeth wakes up in a cave somewhere, with a certain streak of white in her hair.
  • The monster unbuttons his pants, and when Elizabeth sees his giant schwanstucker she seems eager for some "intellectual discussion."
  • We pan out and pan back in with a heart as Elizabeth and the monster smoke a cigarette.
  • They're about to go at it again—"Seven has always been my lucky number"—when the violin music lures him away.
  • The doctor's broadcasting the music through a giant horn atop the castle.
  • The monster lumbers up, and starts to climb the vines on the castle wall up to the top where the doctor is playing the violin.
  • When the monster reaches the top, the doctor asks if all the preparations have been made for "the transference" and Igor assures him they have been.

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