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Young Frankenstein Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Down in the lab, both doctor and monster are hooked up to a sparking electric machine, connected with wires.
  • What we do for science…
  • Igor switches off the machine.
  • The process, whatever it is, takes fifteen minutes.
  • When two minutes are left, the townspeople—slowest mob ever—finally arrive at the castle and batter down the door.
  • The villages descend into the lab and, with seven seconds remaining, destroy the evil machine.
  • They're about to carry Frankenstein away when the monster shouts, in perfect English, "Put that man down!"
  • Inspector Kemp wants to know who the monster is, and the monster gives a heartfelt speech about his own creation.
  • Inspector Kemp offers the monster a friendly handshake, and then invites everyone to his house for sponge cake and wine.
  • They all leave, and the monster, Inga, and Igor gather around Dr. Frankenstein's motionless body.
  • He doesn't move. Fade to black.

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