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Young Frankenstein Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • At the castle, Igor bangs on the door. It's loud, and Frankenstein remarks, "What knockers!"
  • "Thank you doctor," Inga blushingly responds.
  • Frau Blucher opens the door. "I am Frau Blucher." The horses rear and whinny in fear.
  • Dr. Frankenstein introduces Inga to Frau Blucher. The horses whinny.
  • She invites them into the castle. "After you, Frau Blucher," says Frankenstein. The horses whinny.
  • Igor carries the bags inside, but peeks his head back out and says "Blucher!" to the horses. They whinny on cue.
  • Frau Blucher (whinny) leads them up the stairs with a candle-holder of unlit candlesticks.
  • In Frankenstein's room, there's a portrait of Frederick already there. Oh, it's not him; the portrait is of his grandfather, Victor, who looks just like him. Foreshadowing alert.
  • Frankenstein wonders where the real library is, but Frau Blucher says these are the only books she knows.
  • Frau Blucher asks if he wants a brandy? No. Warm milk? No. Ovaltine?
  • Before she leaves, she whispers "Good night, doctor" and kisses Victor's portrait.
  • Then she wishes Frankenstein goodnight. "Good night, Frau Blucher," he says. The horses whinny.

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