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Young Frankenstein Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Dr. Frankenstein has bad dreams, and we hear the secrets that he keeps when he's talking in his sleep, "I'm not a Frankenstein. I'm not a Frankenstein! I'm a Fronkensteen!"
  • "Destiny! Destiny! No escaping that for me!" he chants, before Inga comes into the bedroom in her nightie.
  • There's strange violin music coming "from behind ze bookcase."
  • They investigate and find a secret passageway that leads down some cobwebby stairs, past a rat, and to a door.
  • The handle breaks off in Frankenstein's hand.
  • He pushes open the creaky door and discovers an equally creepy room.
  • There are heads on a shelf in various stages of decay, and Igor is already inside.
  • They find another door, and inside is a secret laboratory.
  • "So this is where it all happened," Frankenstein says as the camera pans across all the equipment.
  • There's another door, with a light coming from under it. Is that where the mysterious violinist is?
  • Inside, a candle is burning on a table near a violin.
  • Also on the table is a book – How I Did It by O.J. Simpson—er, Victor Frankenstein. It's Frankenstein's grandfather's private library.
  • Frankenstein reads the book, which is about reanimating a corpse, and it instantly seems to take hold of his imagination, thinking he could do it too.
  • Lightning strike and fade to black.

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