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Young Frankenstein Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • It's bright and sunny as Frankenstein and Inga have breakfast the next morning.
  • Grandpa's book says the body to be reanimated will have to be larger than normal to make it easier to operate on. Inga remarks, "He would have an enormous schwanstucker. Woof!"
  • "He's going to be very popular," says Igor.
  • The man needs to be at least 7 feet in height. Igor has drawn a sketch; it looks a lot like Peter Boyle.
  • The scene transitions to a man who conveniently looks just like the sketch. The man, a criminal, was just hanged and is being buried.
  • Frankenstein and Igor dig up the casket and wheel it on a cart back to the castle, only dropping it once.
  • A friendly constable comes upon them and Frederic has to think fast so the policeman doesn't notice the corpse in the casket.
  • Back in the lab, they put the body on the lab table and examine it. Now all they need is a brain…
  • Igor goes to the Brain Depositary to get the brain of Hans Delbruck "scientist & saint."
  • He drops it after being frightened of his own reflection in a mirror.
  • So as a back-up, he grabs another jar, not noticing it's labeled "Do not use this brain! Abnormal!"

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