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Young Frankenstein Science

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With all the issues of identity and insanity, it's easy to forget that the main character of Young Frankenstein is a scientist.

Scientists conjure up images of intelligence and stability. Must be those white lab coats. We imagine that many scientists hope to find the secret to eternal life. It probably doesn't involve stitching body parts together and waiting for a thunderstorm to pass through, but the thought is probably on the mind of anyone searching for cancer cures or anti-aging techniques. Both Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein are more science fiction than straight-up science, but that's only because none of it has actually happened… yet.

Questions About Science

  1. What is Frederick's field of study, and how does it help him with the reanimation process?
  2. Why do the scientists at the presentation initially ridicule Frederick?
  3. Could you ever see a procedure like this being successful? How would people react?
  4. Is Frederick's goal really any different from scientists trying to clone life or create it from amino acid soups?

Chew on This

The movie shows us that scientists can be ridiculous, and can be driven by things other than scientific curiosity.

The fine line between real science and its dark side is what makes the movie creepy and hilarious.

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