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Help I'm Alive Introduction

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Help I'm Alive Introduction

In a Nutshell

We all know the feeling of being our own worst enemy. Stress makes us crazy: sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, crippling fear. How are we ever supposed to get anything done under pressure? 

Emily Haines of Metric sure knows this feeling. In fact, she got herself out of a creative rut by writing this very song. Face your fears with this upbeat—if slightly creepy—track. 

It's readymade stress relief in mp3 format.

About the Song

LabelLast Gang Records
Writer(s)Emily Haines
Producer(s)John O'Mahoney
Musician(s)Emily Haines (vocals), James Shaw (guitar), Josh Winstead (bass), Joules Scott-Key (drums)
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Music Video

Influences on Metric

The Smiths
Steely Dan
Modern Lovers
Talking Heads
The Pixies
Sinead O'Conner
Fever Ray
Flash Lightening
Tropic Appetites by Carla Bley
Lee Hazelwood

"I think all of us are inspired by other mediums besides music. We don't listen to music that sounds like the genre that we're in. For me, it's a lot of film. Inland Empire, the David Lynch film, was a theme for me throughout the writing of the record. Now we're actually working on a soundtrack with the director Edgar Wright, who did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Nigel Godrich curated the soundtrack, and we did a song on the soundtrack. And they're going to be filming in Toronto, so they're going to be working in our studio, and we're really happy about that because I get a lot of inspiration from filmmakers." – Emily Haines (Source)

Influenced by Metric

Death of Paris
Hot Chelle Rae

Help I'm Alive Resources

Movies & TV

Metric: Live at Metropolis (2008)
One of the band's famously awesome live shows.


Metric has always been an independent band, and their official site is a great place to start for music, photos, and tour dates.

A Wanted Mag: "Emily's Essay"
Emily Haines writes her own biography of the band, her early life, living in New York with Jimmy, and the origins of Metric.

Jen Carlson, "Band Interview: Metric," The Gothamist (2005)
This interviewer asks the band a bunch of funny questions and makes them do word-associations.

Alastair Good, "Metric Interview: Taking Out the Middlemen," Telegraph UK (2009)
Here's a great article about the band's decision to self-release Fantasies.

David Thai, "Interview Emily Haines," Killahbeez (2009)
The interviewer asks the lead singer about the new album, what it's like to be suddenly famous, and other collaborations and solo efforts she has done.

Andy Von Pip, "Alive and Kicking, the Metric Interview," The Von Pip Musical Express (2009)
All about Fantasies: its creation, influences, and sound.

Alexa Winnik, "Metric, the Interview," PrefixMag (2009)
Here's a great journalist interview focused on Fantasies.

Video & Audio

"Help I'm Alive"
Here's our song of the hour, in all of its Metric glory.

"Help I'm Alive (Acoustic)"
Emily and Jimmy do a beautiful acoustic duet of the song.

Metric: The Rhapsody Interview
An excellent audio interview with Jimmy Shaw that's broken into many little MP3s that can be downloaded.

"Gimme Sympathy" Music Video
What was supposed to be the first single from Fantasies before "Help I'm Alive" took off, the video explores the desire we all have to be someone else for a day.

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