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One More Hour Introduction

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One More Hour Introduction

In a Nutshell

Acclaimed riot girl trio Sleater-Kinney carried the torch of feminist punk rock into the new millennium. And then went to couples therapy together. 

We like to think the intake appointment included an awkward but humorous explanation of how they're a band, not a couple, and that the therapist was also secretly thinking, "This is so cool! I'm gonna be the counselor for Sleater-Kinney!" But by the time they did an intake with a Portland couples counselor, the band's two singer-songwriter-guitarists had long since broken up from a brief romance. 

The chemistry of Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker's early collaboration is captured in "One More Hour," which Rolling Stone called "one of the saddest songs ever written" (source).

About the Song

LabelKill Rock Stars
Writer(s)Corin Tucker, Janet Weiss, Carrie Brownstein
Producer(s)John Goodmanson
Musician(s)Corin Tucker (guitar, vocals), Carrie Brownstein (guitar, vocals), Janet Weiss (drums)
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AlbumDig Me Out

Music Video


Influences on Sleater-Kinney

The Clash
The Dream Syndicate
Bikini Kill
Heavens to Betsy
Patti Smith
Sonic Youth
Kristen Hirsch
Lightnin' Hopkins
Jimmy Page

Influenced by Sleater-Kinney

The Dials
Operation Makeout
The Kills
Marnie Stern
The Vibration
Walking Bicycles
Love of Diagrams

One More Hour Resources


Bill Friskics-Warren, I'll Take You There: Pop Music and the Urge for Transcendence (2006)
The Onion called this book "a sublime literary mixtape," and the mixtape naturally includes Sleater-Kinney.

Nick Hornby with Ben Schafer, Da Capo's Best Music Writing 2001 (2002)
This great compilation includes a piece by Greil Marcus that basically depicts Sleater-Kinney as the best thing in punk rock.


Call the Doctor (1996)
Begin your Sleater-Kinney education with an even earlier piece of punk genius.

Dig Me Out (1997)
Sleater-Kinney's third album was followed up by four more acclaimed work albums; this is the one with "One More Hour" on it.

One Beat (2002)
Their post-9/11 masterpiece goes at the political issues of the time head-on.


Together in the later years.

Movies & TV

Some Days Are Better Than Others (2010)
This indie film is one of Carrie Brownstein's many post-Sleater-Kinney projects, and her film acting debut.

Portlandia (2011–)
The prolific Brownstein is also a sketch comedy writer, so you may know her from this comedy series about Portland produced with folks from Saturday Night Live.


The Sleater-Kinney Archives
A simple, wonderful site put up by a fan that mostly consists of compiled links to SK related stuff online.

Video & Audio

"One More Hour"
New York, 1998.

"Dig Me Out"
There are many contenders for best song on this album; the title song is just one in the running.

"Little Babies"
Sleater-Kinney at their best, critiquing the relationship between fans and performers.

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