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Achilles - Thetis vs. Odysseus

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Thetis vs. Odysseus

Case Description: Complainant (Thetis) accuses Defendant (Odysseus) of murder. It was prophesied that Achilles would die if he fought in the Trojan War, so his mother, Thetis, convinced him to hide out in the court of Lycomedes, disguised as a woman. When the Greeks came looking for the hero-to-be, Odysseus tricked Achilles into breaking his disguise by placing a bunch of gifts on the ground before the ladies of Lycomedes' court. When Achilles was the only "lady" to show any interest in the swords and armor, Odysseus knew it was Achilles in disguise. Thetis was super mad at Odysseus for exposing her son and saw it as being the same thing as murder.

Case Status: Dismissed. It was also prophesied that Achilles would live a short life, but that he would be remembered forever if he went to war. If he didn't go, he would live a long and peaceful life, but would be forgotten. Given that choice, Achilles decided to go to Troy of his own free will—so Odysseus isn't really to blame.

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