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Aegir Sightings

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Dec 20, 1270 - Dec 20, 1279

Prose Edda (Lokasenna)

You know that time when Loki killed Fimafeng and then insulted all the gods? Well Aegir's house was where it all went down. True to form, Aegir was hosting a party for the gods. In the part of the Prose Edda called the Lokasenna, we hear all about it and learn that one of the reasons Aegir was such a popular host was that he had a lot of kettles. Hey, dishes were scarcer in those days than they are now! But even though he had the most kettles, they apparently weren't enough. In the Hymiskvida, Aegir asks Thor and Týr to borrow a mile-wide mead kettle from the giant Hymir so he can host a big party.

Dec 20, 1199 - Dec 20, 1299

Poetic Edda (Skáldskaparmál)

Imagine being at a dinner party next to a guy who spends the entire night talking about all the different poetic ways to say the same word twice… or ten times. (If that sounds fantastic to you, we're betting you'd really enjoy our poetry section.) Well that's pretty much what happens to Aegir when he's seated next to Bragi at Odin's party. And Aegir doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he asks Bragi lots of questions about the origin of poetry and all the different poetic terms, resulting in a whole thesaurus for Icelandic poetry, the Skáldskaparmál.

Dec 20, 1387

Fundinn Noregr

Maybe you've heard that part of the Bible where "so-and-so begat so-and-so who begat so-and-so." Well the Norwegians have the same thing for their ancestors, and it's called the Fundinn Noreg, or "Foundation of Norway." It traces Norwegian families all the way back to giants, and one of these giant ancestors is Aegir.

Dec 20, 2019

Stargate SG-1 "New Order," & ff.

In the Stargate series, stories of ancient gods are evidence of alien races that once inhabited Earth, then left. The Asgard race makes contact with humans once more to protect them from an evil alien race. Aegir is the commander of the Asgard mothership. He doesn't look much like the Aegir we know.

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