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Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, and Iphigenia Setting

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Aulis, Mycenae


Iphigenia gets sacrificed in a place called Aulis, a place in coastal Boeotia where the Greeks have gathered to set sail. Unfortunately for Aulis, Iphigenia's sacrifice was the most famous thing that ever happened there. Not exactly a major tourist draw, we're guessing.


Clytemnestra skewers Agamemnon in his own palace in the city of Mycenae. Though nobody knows for sure whether Agamemnon or his murderous wife actually existed, archeologists unanimously agree that Mycenae was majorly important back in ancient Greece. They've even named a whole period of Greek history the "Mycenaean Period" after this seat of power. The fact that Agamemnon was said to be the king of this dominant city-state shows just how powerful he really was. The ruins of a palace still stand on the sight that was once Mycenae, and many amazing ancient artifacts have been found there. For much more on this ancient place, click here.

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