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Spotter's Guide

You'll find Ajax down in Elysium with all the other heroes of the Trojan War. He won't be hanging out with many of the other Greeks, though, because they totally ticked him off with that whole "Achilles' armor" incident. These days, Ajax spends a lot of time in the gym and chilling at home with his pretty wife, Tecmessa. If you get a chance to talk to him, make sure you don't mention three things: Achilles' armor, Odysseus, and sheep. May sound weird, but just trust us on this one.

Sex: Male
Age: Middle-aged
Build: Beefy
Complexion: Bronze
Hair Color: Brown
Facial Hair: Clean-shaven
Scars/marks/tattoos: Battle scars
Jewelry and accessories: A girdle (which he gave to Hector)
Clothing: Robes
Armor: Really wishes he had the armor of Achilles
Type of Weapon: A giant shield, the sword of Hector (which Hector gave to him)

Typical Companions:

Tecmessa (his wife)
Hector (the Trojan who managed to fight him to a standstill)

Known Hangouts:

The Cave of Chiron (where he was educated)
Salamis (where he was king)
Troy (where he was undefeated in battle until he did himself in)
Elysium (the land of the blessed dead, where he now spends a lot of time at the gym)

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